Upcoming Exhibition: ContempoRARITIES, Honolulu Museum of Art

CONTEMPO will feature Toni-Lee's work at the Honolulu Museum of Art's circus themed event.

CONTEMPO will feature Toni-Lee’s work at the Honolulu Museum of Art’s circus themed event.

April 20 • Honolulu Museum of Art School–Celebrate art—and buy it—at the art party of the year.

This year, let ConTempo take you to a world of circus diversions and curious entertainments.

The night of illusion and wonder includes a fantastic art sale, food, music, and performances.

Proceeds from ConTempo support Honolulu Museum of Art programming, such as art classes, exhibitions, ArtSpree, and educational outreach.

Interested in the art sale? Please check back after April 7 to see an online catalogue of the works.


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