Explanation and a bit for the Foodies

Back to ‘rubbing the rail’ now that I have gotten some sleep 🙂 At around 4:30 am, I was finally able to fall back to sleep. It is now almost noon. I first woke up at 9:37, realized that I missed breakfast so I decided to sleep until lunch time.

On the way from Rome to Spanocchia, a three hour drive, we encountered many winding and tight roads. Many of those tight roads have no shoulders. At one point a long truck was next to us on the left side and the guard rail was on the right. We were neck in neck without the “racing” feel. For those of us still awake on the bus after a red eye, we were all thinking that this was just a little bit too close. The bus, in an effort to avoid rubbing against the truck, rubbed against the guard rail instead. The funny thing was, that none of us really reacted. Eh, it’s Italy 🙂 A short while later, our driver pulled over into an emergency stop area and stepped outside to view the damage. “Va bene?” (translation: Everything ok?) “Eh, minore.” (translation: It’s minor.)

The reminder is, when in Italy, ‘tutte e minore’ (everything is minor, have a backup plan, etc, etc.)

And now, for the foodies…

Everything that we eat here comes directly from the farm here at Spanocchia. There are 1100 acres total.

Dinner consisted of homemade pasta with herbs, paper thin sliced pork with apples and a light brown sauce, salad, fresh bread, homemade vino rosso and rosé wine and an apple, raisin, pine nut strudel.

By the way, there are two people from VT here and both of them went to UVM!!!! One of them works for IDSVA and graduated from UVM with an art history degree. What are the chances?!

We have a historic tour of the castle and grounds later on today. I’ll report back tonight! This is a very dreamy 🙂 Ciao!


All of the farm interns and the IDSVA students share dinner together at a U-shaped table.

All of the farm interns and the IDSVA students share dinner together at a U-shaped table.

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