Classwork has begun

2013-05-29 05.49.34smDay 3.

Today, we had our orientation to Spanocchia, policies, curriculum, a short lecture on key words ranging such as phenomenological, structuralism, techne, episteme, etc. Student presentations started today but these were the easier ones. I was the fifth one to present slides about my art and a bit about myself in general. As we move further along, we will delve deeper and my posts may become a little shorter.

As I listened to the morning lecture, I jotted down some notes and reminders as I embark upon my adventure at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts. I am going to share them here as a way for me to refocus when the workload gets more intense and as documentation of growth to reflect upon when I arrive at a future version of myself.

Voice At The Table

The next several weeks will consist of “how do I develop an argument and make it sustainable for a quasi-independent study.”


It is easy to look something up, spit it back out without really understanding it. How quickly do we pull out our smart phones or tablets to look up whatever fact we need to know? It is this instant fix that often haunts us until the task is completed.  In the meantime, our focus is disrupted from the conversation at hand, dinner with a friend or any experience that requires you to be in the moment. During this first course, we will not be looking to any outside sources. We will be swimming, diving, floating and yes, sometimes drowning in our texts in an effort to deeply possess. The key here is we and not I or sink to the bottom.


There is discomfort in the unknown. As I embark upon new territory in philosophy, aesthetics and art theory, I will remind myself of the message heard earlier today. Unknowing engagement is ok for the first time. It is the first step along a non-linear journey. This is not about winning but being able to contribute and have a voice at the table seated with both philosophers and artists.


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