United States Pavillion @ Biennale


Holly Block giving IDSVA students a brief overview of the installation before we enter the pavillion.



American1 American2 American6 Here are some more photos from Sarah Sze’s installation at the United States Pavillion at the Venice Biennale.

Everything in this exhibit is entirely choreographed despite any seeming randomness.

Every bit of space is used, including the center rotunda (not pictured, yet). The pavilion itself is like Monticello. Sze utilizes the center and the closet off of the center rotunda in a way that no other artist has in the past according to Block.

I particularly liked the Planetarium because of the repetition of circles within multiple, large frames of metal and wood and within the landscapes both natural and woman-made echoed throughout the piece. There is a compulsion to walk around the structure and this relates to the compass rose, another circular structure, drawn on the floor.

We were able to see part of Sze’s process in the third room, the ‘garden area.’

Here’s a link to the NY Times article about Sze: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/31/arts/design/at-venice-biennale-sarah-szes-triple-point.html?_r=0

Internet is slow here so this is only a small selection of photos from this pavilion. More to come soon….

Today, I visited every single pavilion in the Giardini. Tomorrow, we will visit the Arsenale and take a boat to Giudecca to visit artist studios. Guidecca is like the ‘Brooklyn’ of Venice.

In absolute support of making all of the world’s art accessible to anyone, please check out the link below which includes her bio, recent exhibitions her work has been featured in, as well as exclusive articles about Sze. Seeing Sze’s work in Venice and getting a personal tour guided by Block with my IDSVA classmates, is an amazing that memory I will never forget!





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