Angel Week 1…finished!

As mentioned in an earlier post, 3 hours of the morning are dedicated to Bargue drawings and 3 hours in the afternoon are dedicate to life drawings. During this first week of life drawing, we learn to use a knitting needle to take measurement of the figure especially for comparative measurement. I’ve included a couple of images from the life drawing sessions. During week 2, we will be working with an actual model for the rest of the semester.

For the Bargue drawing of the foot, I will never look at red thread the same again 😉 Red thread is our measuring tool and it is basically the same sight-size method that we use with the knitting needle. The Bargue drawing process is very tedious and it will take us about 5-6 weeks to finish one drawing depending on the pace. We have 4 Bargue drawings to finish and we will probably be able to finish these drawings halfway through the second trimester. Crazy, isn’t it? 🙂 I find this process very meditative but I never would have guessed that it would take that long. 20 hours down, 100 more to go to finish one drawing? 😀 Time will tell.

The Angel Academy has a three year program and you can see all of the drawings and paintings that need to be successfully completed in order to finish the program. I removed all of the student names on the left.

On Friday, we attended an apperitivo to ‘meet the new Angels’ for all of the students in the school. I met a lot of great people from all around the world and I feel very lucky to be in the same school with all of the people that I met! I cannot believe that I will be starting my third week here in Italy!

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