Coptic Glide

copticstitch On Tuesday evening, I will start an additional class in surface anatomy from 5:30-8:30. Tuesdays will be about 12 hours at the Angel Academy.

I decided I wanted to make my own sketchbook after our instructor showed us his sketchbook. He bought the toned paper and a small shop near via Fiesolana created a hard bound sketchbook.

This was one of those times I wished I would have brought my bookbinding supplies with me. I improvised instead.

I did buy the paper and a cheap punteruolo. One my classmates suggested using dental floss instead of waxed thread for bookbinding. Awesome idea! I can attest to Glide’s Pro Health dental floss as an excellent substitute. There were some rusty scissors in the kitchen, I used the needle from my mini travel sewing kit and I brought my ruler from school back to the apartment  I could really use a bone folder and a curved needle for an easier coptic stitch but I will just wait until December when I return home. So here is my coptic stitch soft bound Canson Mi-Tientes sketchbook made of five signatures all ready to go for tomorrow night’s class.

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