Studio Setup at the Angel Academy

My first day at school was so exciting! The new studio inside is set up perfectly to maximize the space for both storage and classes. The image below is Studio A. The walls and the floor are painted black to control the lighting and minimize any unwanted reflected light. You will notice that there are black curtains to assist with lighting control as well. The wall on the left, which you can hardly see in the photo below, is a dark green, a typical background color used in many Angel Academy paintings. The dark color of the room coupled with a lighting fixture (not shown) which contains one warm and three cool bulbs, allows for a dramatic contrast when a model is in place.

Studios B and C (not pictured) are combined in one room to accommodate two groups so that one group could work on a short pose with a model and the other group could work on a long pose (for example, 4 weeks) with a model. Black curtains again set up and control the lighting for each group within that same room.

There are also areas for the Bargue drawings (more on that later) and still life or cast drawings that have been specifically designed for those activities. I will try to take some more photos of some of the spaces when no one is working. Storage is super efficient. There are 60 students at the Angel Academy and I am part of a group of 15 first year students. Every student has a cubby hole to store their supplies. First year students get one slot to store drawing boards and drawings, second year students get two and third year students get three since they are usually working on multiple paintings. All storage is labeled with each student’s name.

The models even have their own area to change and store their belongings. There are three small dressing room-like areas with curtains for them.

There are two sessions each day. The morning session runs from 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 pm. The afternoon session runs from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. Since I am a first year student, the morning session consists of Bargue drawing and the afternoon is dedicated to figure drawing. The session will differ depending on year of study. After each three hour session, each class in studios A, B, C or the Bargue drawing area must remove all of their work so that the next class can use the space.

We are allowed to stay in the studio until 9 p.m. during the week and until 5 p.m. on Saturdays. All of the students have a security code for the outdoor keypad for building access. Visitors are not allowed during class times and if anyone is coming to the studio to meet you for lunch or after school, the instructor must be informed. Cell phones must be turned off. You can take a break if you like but make sure that you are set up and ready to go at 9:30 am and again at 2 pm sharp. From what I have seen thus far, it is a no nonsense school with a super dedicated group of students. In a few weeks there will be extra evening classes that you can sign up for and some of them are run by the students and some of them are run by the instructors. Essentially, you could be at school for almost twelve hours M-F, if desired.

It is very interesting to think about the similarities and differences with studios and my previous life as a professoressa 😉

Your dedicated student,

Toni-Lee 😀

First Bargue plate drawing that I will be working on this week.

This is Studio A at the Angel Academy where I will be spending at least half of my day. Although we were working on our Bargue drawings for the first time, we will be doing figure drawing every day in the afternoon for three hours.

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