UCI Road World Championships

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On Monday, I may have to take public transportation to school because Florence is hosting the UCI Road World Championships. The Angel Academy sent out an email alerting all students. This cycling race will last just over a week and many streets are closed off around the historic center. We have witnessed several verbal fights with the police versus pedestrians and scooters as a result of these closures.

In celebration of the race, there are bike sculptures all around the city and a bicycle film festival. The first two images above show a couple of the bike sculptures.

I will let you know if I do wind up taking public transportation or if I am able to squeeze my way through the crowds with my portfolio of art supplies 🙂 The school is only 3/4 of a mile away but I will leave plenty of time in case I need to initiate back up plans B, C, D or E 😉 You always need a back up to the back up plan or several back up plans here.

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