Comparison of 21st Century Realist Styles and Teatro della Pergola

RealistStyles21stCenturyI thought that this photo from the Angel Academy might be interesting to view so that you can compare the stylistic variations of realism used today in figurative painting. I really like the variations within Interpretive Realism and Neo-baroque. In the Neo-baroque image on the far right (I’ll take a better photo), it is the negative space and combination of finished and unfinished lines that really capture my attention as well as the movement.

In my Surface Anatomy course, which occurs on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8:30, our drawings will most closely resemble Naturalism in the center of the second row. I have several drawings to complete for homework. I will be working on those this weekend.

On Monday, I will start my third week at the Angel Academy! How awesome is that? 😉 I should be able to start a new Bargue drawing sometime this week once I receive an official pass. Either you have successfully completed the drawing or you still have work to do….pass or fail. Based on feedback from the upper class students, our next drawings should be a face and then a torso since all of us have been working on feet or arms with a hand. This would also give us a good variation of drawings with incremental complexity.

It is gray here and we are supposed to have thunderstorms all weekend. I do not mind since I will occupy my time with drawing and reading art theory and a possible museum visit. In a month, I have to submit a short proposal for an quasi-independent study for my Art In Theory Revisited course at IDSVA so I will probably work on that as well.

My bedroom window looks out upon the back of the famous Pergola Theatre built 350 years ago and I can hear all of the music in the apartment! This is so much better than WQXR 😉 It is fantastic! In the spring, there are a few performances I would love to see. Check out the 360 degree virtual tour here!!!!!! I am still feeling fantastically lucky to be here and to have all of the support and love that completely surrounds me from my family and friends. The journey that I have taken to arrive here was the path that I was meant to follow. Amazing!

Teatro della Pergola Interior

Teatro della Pergola Interior


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