Imagine Adobe Illustrator with a real Pencil!

Bargue2Here is my second Bargue drawing that I have been working on for a couple of weeks. I had a realization while working on this drawing while we used a method of triangulation to find the major points of the outline for the construct. If a line has several small shifts in angles, such as the hair in the photo, then you simplify the line as much as possible. The first stage of the drawing, creating the construct, is very much like plotting anchor points in Adobe Illustrator using only straight line segments  and no bezier curves. For all of the lovers and haters of Illustrator, think about that for moment. Pencil, paper, no template layer and only a piece of red thread to measure the distance between points on the outline. Better hold onto that thread while measuring! Tedious….yes. Have I mentioned that time has slowed down a bit here?

Once the construct for the outside and the shadows was completed, we shaded in the shadows with a 2B pencil to a value 2. You can see my 9 value scale that I had to create as a reference to ensure that we are all speaking the same “value language.”

If you take a closer look at the hair, my favorite part and why I chose this image, you can see many intricate shapes. In fact, there are so many shapes within the hair and negative spaces, it is like a zoo! Can you see any of the animal shapes?

Here’s hoping to finish my second Bargue before 2014!!!!

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