Knitting Needle & Life Drawing: 5 Weeks

Here is a recap of all of the life drawings created over the past five weeks, half of my semester, using the specific method taught at the Angel Academy. They are in chronological order from gesture exercises, constructs, negative shape exercises, adding articulation post-construct drawing stage and finally, during week 5, we were allowed to add shading!!!! The shading is added in the same way as creating a basic construct to get the general shape of the shadow and once everything looks proportional, then you can add some articulation and detail. Most of the time we worked with a 30 centimeter scale, divided into quarters, with few exceptions. We use an actual knitting needle to measure the model. How, you might say? For example, if I am trying to measure the distance of the top of the model’s head to the top of her shoulder, I would hold the knitting needle vertically, place the tip of end at the top of her head and slide my finger down the needle until it matched up with the top of her shoulder. This gives me an approximate height. I then see how many times this measurement fits in the her entire height. Let’s say it is 5. I then take the knitting needle and try to figure out a proportional measurement on the 30cm line to also equal 5. This part is trial and error, sliding your finger up and down the knitting needle. Finally, you place a light mark on the paper indicating the height of the head to the shoulder. It is funny when you forget what you were measuring, how many times a measurement fits into the vertical of the body, or, have to measure the same width over and over. We also use the knitting needle to find the plumb line of the body, one of our first crucial steps.

Here are the steps we follow when drawing:

Small gesture in the corner of the page, no bigger than 5cm

Find the plumb line

Find 1/4s








Head – to finish construct

I hung these all up on my bedroom wall so that I could see my progress using their method.

This week we have our first one week pose!!!!!!!






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