My Integration Agreement With Italy

Since I am staying in Italy past 90 days, I had to sign an integration agreement as a foreigner in order to legally receive my residency permit. I will have to learn A2 level Italian, civic culture and civil life in Italy, and the fundamental principles of the Italian Constitution.  Most of the agreement is pasted below with highlighted sections that may be of interest to you as well. My next appointment with immigration is on December 6th, my last of school at the Angel Academy for this semester.


My agreement with myself while I am living in Italy, is to live simply and fully. The majority of my days are disconnected from the media. I have no tv (which is good or I’d watch it and not get as much work done), my cellphone plan here is for minutes only and the wifi at school is either unreliable or non-existent. I only have access to the internet when I am back the apartment and even then, I have only been glancing at the news. My time in the apartment is spent skyping/tango-ing/oovoo-ing with loved ones, reading, drawing, writing, studying and followed by cooking, cleaning up and sleeping.


In many ways I feel as if I am in time warp because the weather is relatively warm thus far, at least compared to VT, and this gives the illusion of time standing still without any major seasonal shift. My school days are entirely filled the meditative minutia of measuring causing time to slow down but the weeks are flying by. Lastly and weirdly, everything seems to take longer to do. Maybe I am still adjusting to just slowing down and my entire removal from the crazy pace of my previous and temporarily-on-standby-pre-sabbatical life 🙂


I will post more photos for an update on my drawings shortly. All of my readings are complete for IDSVA and I am working on a quasi-independent study on Hegel and Postmodernism. Next week, one of my classmates and I will be leading our last discussion on our readings. At the Angel Academy, I am still working on my second Bargue drawing, we are working on a two week pose for life drawing, I am working on a figure copy drawing, I have surface anatomy homework and other figure drawing homework to complete before the end of the semester. It is the end of the semester crunch for me yet I found some time to do a few gouache paintings too.

photo 1

Here are all of the intricate shapes that I am working on in my drawing. We start with a general shape and then go back to articulate smaller shapes. The other image is my reference.

photo 2
















Integration as a process aiming at promoting the living together of Italian and foreign citizens lawfully living in Italy complying with the values sanctioned by Italian Constitution, is based on the mutual commitment to participate in the economic, social and cultural life of society.


In particular, foreigners’ integration in Italy implies their learning Italian language and their respecting, complying and promoting democratic values of freedom, equality and solidarity being at the basis of Italian Republic.


These aims are pursued by integration agreement which, according to art. 4bis of the Testo Unico of provisions concerning immigration, is to be signed by foreigners while submitting their application for residence permit as necessary condition in order to obtain the same permit.


That being stated, Mr Mrs____________________________________, hereafter referred to as the person


concerned, and the State, represented by Prefect of ______________________or his/her


delegate______________________ agree and stipulate as follows.




Art. 1 – Foreigner’s commitments


The person concerned commits him(her)self to:


a) Learn Italian spoken language at a level equivalent at least to A2 level of the European Framework referring to languages issued by the European Council;


b) Acquire a sufficient knowledge about the fundamental principles of the Consitution of the Republic, organization and functioning of public institutions and civic life in Italy, particularly concerning health, education, social services, work and fiscal duties;


c) assure to provide for minors’compulsory education;


Art. 2 – State’s commitments


The State:


a) assures the enjoyment of fundamental rights and equal social dignity of people regardless of gender, race, language, religion, political ideas, individual and social conditions, preventing any form of racism and discrimination; furthermore, it makes easy the access to any information helping foreign citizens to understand the main contents of Italian Constitution and State’s general system;


b) controls, together with regional and local authorities, the fulfilment of the laws safeguarding dependent work and full access to health and compulsory education services;


c) supports the process leading to the full integration of the person concerned through the adoption of any suitable initiative, together with regional and local authorities and no profit associations. In this framework, it assures to the person concerned his/her free participation to a one day civic-training-and information-on-life-in-Italy session, to be hold in a month from the signing of this agreement.


d) comply with his/her tax and fiscal duties. Moreover, the person concerned declares his/her assent to the


Charter of the values of citizenship and integration as in the Decree of the Minister of the Interior on 2007, April 23rd



Art. 3 – Term of Agreement

The agreement is lasting for two years extendable for one year more.


Art. 4


The agreement is based on credits, meaning that the person concerned is entitled to the credits indicated in the Annex B of the regulations governing the integration agreement, numerically proportional to the attainment of growing levels of knowledge in Italian language, civic culture and civil life in Italy, also certified after successful participating in education, training, linguistic and social integration or after obtaining degrees or qualifications having legal value in Italy, whatever their denomination may be. At the signing of the agreement the foreigner is given 16 credits corresponding to A1 level in knowledge of the Italian spoken language and to the sufficient level of knowledge of civic culture and civil life in Italy. At the checking of the agreement, these credits are confirmed when the above mentioned qualifications of knowledge of the Italian spoken language and to the sufficient level of knowledge of civic culture and civil life in Italy are verified; otherwise, the credits arte consequently reduced. In any case, if at the checking the level of knowledge is credited as higher than the minimum requested respectively in All. B, sub 1 and 2,the granted credits are increased compared with those given at the signing according to the certified level of knowledge. The ripened credits are given the reductions showed in the annex C of the regulation governing the integration agreement, in connection with: penal sentences also without final judgement; the enforcement – even if not final – of personal safety measures; the infliction of definitive fines concerning serious administrative or fiscal offences.


The reductions are given proportionally to the severity of the committed penal, administrative or fiscal offences and of non-fulfilment.


The non attendance at the civic- training- and- information- on life- in- Italy session mentioned at art. 2 causes the reduction of 15 out of 16 credits given at the signing of the agreement



Several more articles….:)

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