Ph.D Update: Art In Theory Revisited class almost finished!!!!

I am working on my quasi-independent study paper to finish out my semester at IDSVA. I have a first draft written and ready for a second round of editing. As a little sneak peek, my paper focuses on Postmodernism and Hegel, including essays by Burgin, Derrida,  Export,  Beuys and Spivak. I have indicated those specific essays below in bold. The remaining essays below are all of the readings I completed this semester. “Completed” is a little misleading since many of them were read several times over 😉

My semester ends on 12/14 but I plan on having that paper finished before I fly home on 12/9  😀


Barthes, from “Myth Today” 1956

Guy Debord, from the Situationist International 1957-61

Alloway, “The Arts and the Mass Media” 1958

Kaprow, from Assemblages and Happenings 1959-61

Williams, “The Analysis of Culture” 1961

Cage, “On Robert Rauschenberg, Artist, and His Work” 1961

Johns, “Interview with Davis Sylvester” 1965

Hamilton, “For the Finest Art, Try Pop” 1961

Oldenburg, “I Am for an Art …” 1961

Warhol, “Interview with Gene Swenson” 1963

Lichtenstein, Lecture to the College Art Association 1964

McLuhan, from Understanding Media 1964

Jasper Johns, “Obituary of Marcel Duchamp” 1968

Smith, “Tradition and Identity” 1959

Merleau-Ponty, from “Eye and Mind” 1961

Greenberg, “Modernist Painting” 1960-65

Adorno, from “Commitment” 1962

Newman, Interview with Dorothy Gees Seckler 1962

Greenberg, from “After Abstract Expressionism” 1962

Fried, from “Frank Stella’s New Paintings” 1966

Wollheim, “The Work of Art as Object” 1970

Frank Stella, Pratt Institute Lecture 1959-60

Reinhardt, “Art as Art” 1962

Donald Judd, “Specific Objects” 1965

Fried, “Art and Objecthood” 1967

LeWitt, “Paragraphs on Conceptual Art” 1967

Kosuth, “Art After Philosophy” 1969

Smithson, “A Sedimentation of the Mind” 1968

Morris, “Notes on Sculpture 4: Beyond Objects: 1969

Victor Burgin, “Situational Aesthetics” 1969

Eva Hesse, Interview with Cindy Nemser, 1970

Beuys, “Not Just a Few Are Called, but Everyone” 1972

Bruce Nauman, Interview w/ De Angelus, 1980

Dan Graham, “Presentation to an Open Hearing” 1969

Mierle Ukeles, “Maintenance Manifesto” 1969

Lippard, “Interview with Ursula Meyer” 1969, “Postface” 1973

Artforum, from “The Artist and Politics: A Symposium” 1970

Valie Export, “Woman’s Art” 1972

Burgin, from “Socialist Formalism” 1976

Derrida, from Of Grammatology 1967

Foucault, “What Is an Author?” 1969

Althusser, “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses” 1970

Barthes, “From Work to Text” 1971

Smithson, “Cultural Confinement” 1972

Krauss, “A View of Modernism”

Baudrillard, “Ethic of Labor, Aesthetic of Play” 1973

Mulvey, from “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” 1973/75

Rosalind Krauss, “Notes on the Index, Part I” 1976/7

Jameson, “Reflections on the Brecht-Lukacs Debate” 1977

Edward Said, “Orientalsm” 1978

Pierre Bourdieu, “Being Different” 1977

Craig Owens, “The Allegorical Impulse” 1980

Rosalind Krauss, “The Originality of the Avant-garde” 1981

Hal Foster, “Subversive Signs” 1982

Sherrie Levine, Statement 1982

Barbara Kruger, “‘Taking’ Pictures” 1982

Fredric Jameson, “The Deconstruction of Expression” 1982

Steinbach, et al, “From Criticism to Complicity” 1986

Julia Kristeva, Interview w/ Catherine Francblin 1986

Mary Kelly, “Re-viewing Modernist Criticism” 1981

Ana Mendieta, “Art and Politics” 1982

Krzysztof Wodiczko, “Public Projection” 1983

Victor Burgin, “Absence and Presence” 1984 

Rose, “Sexuality in the Field of Vision” 1984/85

W. J. T. Mitchell, “Image and Word” 1986

Williams, “When Was Modernism?” 1987/91

Louise Bourgeois, Statements from interview w/ Kuspit” 1988

Spivak, “Who Claims Alterity?” 1989

Homi Bhabha, “On hybridity” 1994

Jean-François Lyotard, “Intro to Postmodern Condition” 1979

Jürgen Habermas, “Modernity − an Incomplete Project” 1980

Jean-François Lyotard, “What is Postmodernism?”

Julia Kristeva, “Powers of Horror” 1980

Richter, from “Interview with Benjamin Buchloh” 1988

Jeff Wall, from a discussion 1990 create identity crisis in viewer 1160 (hegel)

Diederichsen, “Which Side are You on, Cultural Worker?” 1990

Olu Oguibe, “In the ‘Heart of Darkness’” 1993

Doris Salcedo, Interview with Charles Merewether 2000

Franco Moretti, “MoMA2000: The Capitulation” 2000

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