Six Airports, One Day

The fog in Florence was so bad this morning, my first flight had to leave from Pisa. We took a bus to Pisa from FLR, the next flight was delayed but I was able to get to Munich. My next flight to DC was cancelled due to bad weather, I think (no internet at that time). After patiently waiting 45 minutes at the Lufthansa service desk, the gentleman at the service desk found a way to get me home today if I didn’t mind doing some airport hopping. Of course I agreed, I explained that I haven’t seen my husband in three months and that I’m very anxious to be reunited with him. He chimed in and said, “My wife would die .” I confessed to being homesick and he replied, “That’s what happens in Italy.” He promised he would get me home, to not fret while going through potentially long lines for customs at Frankfurt and to ask for two blankets on the flight since the exit row, although roomier, is definitely colder. I agreed and thanked him.

In order for me to get home today, I just flew to Frankfurt. Airport number 4 with 30 minutes of free wifi. I’m in their new terminal Z which is quite nice and empty. In fact, there was no line at customs and I sailed right through. My gate just changed but it was very close. I’ll be on my way to JFK shortly, I plan on sailing through immigration with Global Entry, the EZ pass of airports, and finally BTV with one hour to spare before midnight. My airport tour and 24 hours of traveling is entirely all worth it especially since I will be reunited with family and friends and in EST. Ci vediamo!


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