Circo Donna Orfei…another circus

On the bus ride back to Pisa Centrale Stazione so that I could catch a train back to Florence, I saw a poster for Circo Donna Orfei. This past Sunday, I returned to Pisa to see this circus which has only one ring and is known for their animal and big illusion show. There were so many animals! I really did not expect to see hippo! Again, I love the lighting, music and cast shadow silhouettes. The show was very interactive and the kids in the audience were featured as an act playing musical chairs. The big illusion show in the second half had a combination of dance music and Metallica, male hooded assistants that would break dance during the act and a main character that was part “Mysterion” part LOR at times and part cool, slick club magician. It was definitely entertaining! I really love the clown piece at the end with the red LEDs. What started out a single glowing treasure in a small box eventually multiplied and in a surprise appearance, created a glowing coat. My description is rather short but I can assure you that it was magical!

Now, I am all caught up on my posts for the past 1.5 weeks. I also onto my third book for IDSVA and it is the beginning of week 2. So far, I am still ahead…now it is time to sleep. I will read more tomorrow.


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