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Site visit with a colleague in a restoration lab at LDM

Study Abroad Site Visits in Florence

One of my colleagues from Champlain College came to Florence to visit our third party study abroad sites. The timing of his visit was perfect because it allowed me the rare chance to visit all of the sites as well. We visited Richmond The American International University in London, Academic Programs International and the Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici. All of the visits were very informative from my perspective both as the Art Coordinator and as a professor who teaches in the graphic design program. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and we had many great conversations. It was also interesting, from an entirely different perspective, as a teacher who is now a student currently living abroad, to see where my students live, the class locations, all of the support and activities available to them here in Florence. I can definitely say that our students are very well-supported and they have amazing opportunities here! Coincidentally, I had already met our contact at API through one of my classmates at the Angel Academy at a couple of dinner parties last trimester. Florence is getting smaller and smaller the longer I am here 🙂

Thanks for two great days of visits, everyone! I learned a lot and gained an entirely new perspective.

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