3 Bits of Good News Today!!!

Bally No. 2 1. I received another scholarship award for my PhD at IDSVA for 2014/2015
2. My artwork safely arrived at The Off-Rhode Gallery at Art Enables in Washington D.C. and my Bally No. 2 image featured here was chosen for the Amazing Marvels exhibition  postcard invite

3. A curator from a gallery at one of the top ivy league art schools contacted me to see if I would be interested in loaning one of my banners for exhibition in early 2015. I promise to be more specific once the details are confirmed (fingers crossed). What an amazing day! I should play today’s date in the lottery…2202014 or 02202014 or 220 or 0220 or Italian-style 2022014 or 20022014. If you play these numbers and win, I want a commission or you can just purchase some of my artwork 😉

Bounanotte e sogni d’oro (good night and dreams of gold – Italian equivalent to sweet dreams)

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