Bologna: Body Worlds & Anatomy class

My Surface Anatomy class at Angel Academy traveled to Bologna to visit the Body Words exhibition. I had seen the exhibit previously in the U.S. but this repeat visit presents the perfect opportunity to further anatomical knowledge. Last semester we focused on the skeleton and this semester is all about the muscles. Our class assignment was to sketch the bodies in the exhibit with a focus on the muscular structure. I choose to sketch a rather disturbing pregnant woman with the womb exposed and oddly positioned in a somewhat sexual pose. This room was relatively empty so it was also easier to sketch. The pose almost reminded of the wax models featured in 18th and 19th century medical museums called “Anatomical Venuses” but not as misogynistic. I have an earlier post about these models in the La Specola.

My sketch for my Surface Anatomy class based on the exhibit.


A giraffe in slices
Slice of a human with an enlarged prostate
The irony of this man’s jacket was not to be missed.

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