Machiavelli & Biblioteca Nazionale Library Card


In my History of Philosophy class, I just finished reading Machiavelli (one among several readings). This past weekend, there was a lecture on Machiavelli and an exhibition of rare documents, printed books and paintings related to Machiavelli and his life. Perfect timing! There were also several versions of “The Prince” printed by Aldus Manutius as indicated by the anchor and dolphin.

There were approximately 20 people in the group. I even met an actual “mud angel” (very exciting) from Australia on the tour and she has been coming to Florence every year since the 1966 flood. Coincidentally, there is a plaque on the outside of the library indicating the water level height from the 1966 flood. The library is right on the river. All books below the first level are shrink-wrapped and they will not open for 4 or 5 days in the event of another catastrophic flood.

Inside, the library is absolutely gorgeous! No photos allowed or I would show you. All digital devices like phones or anything that could take a photo has to be put in a locker so you cannot even sneak a photo. You are only allowed to bring in your books. I did get a library card so I will definitely return to do some studying and research. I am really excited about studying at this library!

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