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Earlier this semester I traveled to the il Papiro factory outside of Florence with a friend that I met at a fresco workshop.  Il Papiro is known for their hand made marbled paper, books and stationery with several locations around the world. Although I have experimented with making marbled paper at home in my kitchen, I have always wanted to learn paper marbling in Florence! The trip included a tour of the factory, hands-on paper marbling and bookbinding. I was surrounded by stacks of beautiful papers and I loved it!!! Here is the journal that I made with a matching pencil. The signatures were already sewn but we chose a sheet of marbled paper (it so hard to choose among many beautiful papers!) and glued it to the front cover, back cover and spine. The curve in the spine was made by gently rolling the spine around the edge of table. Gently was key or you could rip cover at the spine. Afterwards the signatures were glued in. With the pencil, we put glue on the paper and literally rolled the pencil onto the paper.  I will post some photos of the process for making the journal and the samples of marbled paper that I made.

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