Campobasso Part 2: On the hills of the Appenines

Campobasso lies at an altitude of almost 2,300 ft, on the slopes of the Southern Apennine hills, and offers splendid views of the region’s evocative landscape.

The city itself is replete with monuments, including Castello Manforte, built around 1450 atop the ruins of a Norman construction, on a hill that dominates the city. The Cathedral was first built in 1504 but reconstructed in the neoclassical style in 1805 following its destruction in an earthquake. Among the many churches are the Romanesque Church of San Bartolomeo; the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate, built in 1572 and displaying a late-Renaissance façade and Baroque interior, embellished with paintings and frescoes by 17th-Century artists; the Church of San Leonardo, dating from the 13th Century; and the Church of San Giorgio, a 12th-Century Gothic construction. The town also houses the delightful Museo del Presepe, a museum displaying a fine collection of antique recreations of the Nativity scene, some dating from the 18th Century.”

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