Boros Collection and the Banana Bunker

This bunker was created by Albert Speer, Hitler’s architect and it now houses a private collection of contemporary art. The collectors live in a penthouse apartment that was built on top of this WWII bunker which was meant to sustain a direct hit from Allied bombing. Glow-in-the-dark paint on walls with lines and arrows were the only visual cues visible to the 2000 people that could fit in the dark bunker during a bomb threat. These are still visible throughout the building as well as remnants of grafitti from the 1990s. After WWII, it was used to store produce from Cuba, especially exotic fruit like oranges and bananas (hence the local name of banana bunker), it was techno club dubbed as the hottest techno party in town since it was also literally hot from the body heat from a mass of clubbers, bought and sold by a couple of investors and eventually purchased by the Boros powerhouse art couple to house their art collection. The logo features the actual floor plan of the bunker with its perfect symmetry and geometrical form. No photos were allowed with the exception of the exterior and welcome room or I would show you more 🙂

Last weekend in Germany …

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