Giardino Di Villa Strozzi & 53 Paper

Just outside the city gates: Giardino di Villa Strozzi a.k.a. Il Boschetto (16th century)

My time here is almost at an end and on my last full weekend in Florence, I met up with the plein air painting group. I have been so busy with my studies between both schools, add my injury on top of that (which is thankfully much better now) and this was my last chance to paint with the group. The Giardino di Villa Strozzi is an amazing park with many levels and winding paths with dense greenery, you almost feel as if you are the only one around.

I did bring my mini watercolor set but I decided to continue my 53 paper sketches with my Sensu brush stylus that literally has a brush on one end (awesome gift from a friend and super addicting to use). I received this gift before going abroad last September and that initiated my digital sketching spree with 53 paper and Bamboo apps. By the time I finish my sabbatical, I will have a great collection of these sketches.




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