Istanbul: We have arrived



It was an a definite adventure once we arrived in the airport. I am quite certain we were there for several hours with standing in line to check our visas when twenty different flights arrived at the same time, waiting for luggage, utilizing the restroom with only one functioning toilet when the rest were flooded, a few other random ‘needs’ and finally heading out to the van. Our driver was definitely anxious to get going since it took us such a long time to get through visa/passport control. Our hotel is great and right on the Sea of Marmara. We all had dinner together at the hotel restaurant on the outside patio overlooking the sea and IDSVA kindly treated us for our first night’s dinner. We were all so happy to be together in the same hotel again as a group and enjoying the wonderful weather here…since we have an early start tomorrow and whirlwind few days, I’m off to bed. It’s almost 1 a.m….

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