Artists’ Panel: When in Doubt, Why Not Ask the Oracles

Coming up…I’ll be part of an artist panel discussion with many of my talented colleagues and creatives of all types!

From Jim Ellefson, Professor, Champlain College:
In Ancient Greece, during times of unease and confusion, many people would make a pilgrimage to Delphi to find out what the future would hold, from the deep well, from the Oracle.
Here at Champlain College, you can do the contemporary equivalent this Monday evening, February 20, at 7:00 in the always-inspiring Gallery Lounge of the CCM building. This Monday evening, an entire cavalry of artists/oracles will be on hand to give voice to the evening’s over-riding question: What is the role of the artist during these next four years.
Monday’s artist/oracle panelists will include the following:
Marc Estrin, novelist, cellist, publisher, puppeteer
Donna Bister, photographer, quilter, author, publisher
Toni Lee Sangastiano, painter, graphic artist, professor
Ann DeMarle, painter, Champlain’s Director of EMC
“Wild” Bill Everts, poet, short story writer, Professor Emeritus, Champlain College, (off-site)
Jericho Parns, writer, Champlain professor, Assistant Director, MFA, Vermont College
Erik Esckilsen, novelist, Champlain professor
Al Larsen, musician, multi-media artist, Director of CREM, formerly of Bands Against Bush
Tal Birdsey, painter, poet, author, headmaster of the North Branch School, (off-site)
Andrew Swift, filmmaker
Alex Smith, singer/song-writer
Refreshments will not be served: we’re just too broke; however, absolutely everyone is very cordially invited.

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