Dubai Exhibition: Authentic Marks

“Circus Manicules.” 2018. Wood type and experimental printmaking techniques on paper.

Two of my prints are headed to a printmaking exhibition for Dubai Art Week, Authentic Marks 2018.
Circus Manicules and Sideshow Manicules will also be added to the Shaghaf Group Permanent Collection.

These prints were so much fun to make and it was a good break from my dissertation. I have been working really hard and I am near the end of this process. The combination of writing and visual research satisfies my need and love to participate in multiple creative processes.

Ever since I attended Wayzgoose2017 in Two Rivers, WI, and purchased some of my own wood type manicules, I have been obsessed with these manicules or printers fists. See more of my experimental prints on instagram.

“Sideshow Manicules.”


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