Historical tour part 2 (partial)

Here is an interesting tidbit that I learned from Randall (one of many). The population of Siena has remained around 65,000 for several centuries. Why? With the advent of new farming technology, the landowner did not want to invest in the new technology. If he were already getting half (mezza) of everything on his land, …


Cinta Senese

The pigs below are Cinta Senese, an endangered species or heritage breed raised here on the farm. This breed of pig was originally raised here on this farm centuries ago and you will often find Cinta Senese products as part of the slow food movement. Last night we had Cinta Senese salumi for an appetizer. …


Part 1: Historical tour

Part 1 Historical Tour: Randall Stratton gave us a fantastic historical tour of Spanocchia today for two and half hours. The tour was packed with information and I will make an attempt convey some of it to you in two parts. Spanocchia is a tower style home because of the center tower that dates back …


It’s 2:44 am….

I’m posting from under the covers on my iPhone so I don’t disturb my roommate. Earlier throughout the day, I had a cappuccino and an espresso at the airport and 4 espressos shortly after our arrival at spanocchia. I made it through the day without napping in an effort to adjust to the time difference. …


At Spanocchia!

Here’s a quick update! I have safely arrived and I will post more pictures tonight. I am off to have some tea. I have internet in my room because I am close to the library. This place is amazing!!!! Check out the cute dog passed out in the courtyard.

Poobah’s Final Fire

This 2 x 3 foot oil on canvas celebrates Pete “Poobah” Terhune, who recently passed away and was a mainstay in the sideshow community. I have been working on this painting for almost three years. The colors, patterns and textures of the jacket and wrinkles on Poobah’s face all tell their own story.